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Today’s global climate report is a reminder of our passion for promoting organic, and we are conscious that for some there is a deep anxiety about the future.

The ABC reports that twin catastrophic threats of climate change and a pandemic have created an "epoch of incredulity". It's not surprising many Australians are struggling to cope.

In their research a high level of concern about climate change was reported across the whole population regardless of gender, age, or residential location (city or rural, disadvantaged or affluent areas). Women, young adults, the well-off, and those in their middle years (aged 35 to 54) showed the highest levels of concern about climate change.

The latter group (aged 35 to 54) may be particularly worried because they are, or plan to become, parents and may be concerned about the future for their children.

The high level of concern among young Australians (aged 18 to 34) is not surprising, as they're inheriting the greatest existential crisis faced by any generation.

Land management and land exploitation are not given enough prominence in the debate. We do understand that forests are important and clearing them for fields of soy beans and cattle ranching is not clever, but Australian forests are only a small part of the landmass. Of more relevance to us as an example is the ‘dust bowl’ that first revealed itself in the Great Depression of the 1930s caused by excessive wheat production that depleted the soils. That is what we do now – excessive wheat production made possible by chemical fertilisers and killing every life form in soils that are denuded of life and depth.

Deep rich soil captures huge volumes of carbon and it is only developed with natural animal fertilisers (manure) and by not killing the little bugs that break down and recycle plants and bush. Organic farmlands will not turn to dust but continue to offer havens for wildlife. Hence, organic food is part of a cycle that promotes regeneration. Unfortunately, most of the meat you find in the supermarket is the product of an industrial food system that cares little for soil depth and life on the land. So let’s address our anxiety and buy organic meat online at – support the farmers who care and are contributing to change.

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