Diet success in 2021

As we are bombarded by diet advice every January, and the reflex is to eat less, why are so many people deficient in key minerals that stop us getting sick? Whether we limit ourselves to strict vegan or carnivore or any combination of dietary fuel we can achieve diet success by choosing quality food that contains what our bodies need.

In 1936 the US Senate was warned that “The alarming fact is that foods – fruits and vegetables and grains – now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough needed minerals, are starving us – no matter how much of them we eat.”

Yes, that was 1936, and research has shown the issue becoming worse globally in the past century.

Dr. David Thomas, a UK based health researcher puts it simply: “Why is it that you have to eat four carrots to get the same amount of magnesium as you would have in 1940?”

The creation of chemical fertilisers (synthetic nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium or NPK), enabled farmers to dramatically increase the yield of their crops. That sounds great, but it has led to many unforeseen consequences.

Plants don’t rely on just these three elements to produce nutritious food. “Most crops utilize an average of 40 elements from the soil. In no case do fertilizers add more than 12 and most commercial fertilisers add a maximum of six elements.” (Sea Energy Agriculture).

So, think if you get a lot of your calories from wheat as many Australians do (bread, pasta, breadcrumb filler in your burgers and sausages, breakfast cereals) or from industrially farmed meats, you are not getting many of the minerals that your body craves.

Livestock (like sheep and cattle) create manure that feeds the soil. Plants for human food and for animal food grow strongly in rich soils on organic farms. The plants grow from the abundant minerals and they contain more, and that is when we begin to benefit from nutrient density. The livestock that returns to the pasture also digests more minerals and so meat from farms with careful soil management and crop rotation has more nutrients. This is the approach taken on our Certified Organic farms in WA.

The fast food burger produces a different result in your body from an organic beef burger of the same size. The fast food burger is cheap, the bread is cheap, and that is why our shops sell so much to us.

What is your commitment to change in 2021? The big diet success could be to focus on food, plants and/ or meat, that contains more vitamins and minerals. We offer meat from Certified Organic farms in WA because it is a superior health food, and we encourage you to fill your plate with organic vegetables.

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