Delivering Organic Values for Value

Organic Farming Co-Op farming with values

  • 34 farms sharing organic principles

  • Caring for our land in WA, building soil and capturing carbon

  • Caring for their livestock

  • Creating pesticide free areas for Australian wildlife to flourish around the farms

  • Producing healthier meat for our families

The Mainstream Meat Market

  • Organic farmers cannot supply at the cost of cheap industrial farmed meat

  • The supermarkets and bigger butchers demand lower prices from their farms, but they mark up your price by more

  • You get cheaper meat fattened on grain, and living on soil depleted of nutrients

Delivering healthy values for value

  • Our farmers get more revenue than they can from the mainstream market

  • As individual farms they don't have the marketing budget to find consumers

  • We offer only Certified Organic so you know that 'organic' genuinely means that farming has been in line with these values

  • Only a minority of premium butchers even make organic meat available

  • We deliver choice - no need to buy bulk, just what you like

  • We deliver to you for free on orders from $75

Our farmers have a passion, and industrially produced meat is not OK - for the livestock, for the land, for the planet, for consumer health.

This week we will also have Certified Organic Beef Bones - if you have never made your own bone broth just ask us.

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