We offer beef from a variety of breeds raised on certified organic farms.  Our cattle are free to roam on pasture eating grass and clover free from herbicides and chemicals.  The soil structure and plant roots benefit from their manure. 

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Entrecôte Marchand de Vin

Entrecôte steak is a French culinary term for sirloin or porterhouse

Remove from fridge an hour prior


Heat olive oil & fry a chopped onion til tinged brown (c. 6 mins)

Remove & add more olive oil

Heat pan as high as you dare

Season steak with pepper but no salt as salt extracts juices

Cook steaks 3 mins each side for medium (2 for rare, 4 for well done) pressing into pan

2 mins from end - return onions & add 200 ml red wine (for 2 steaks) - boil until reduced and syrupy