Mobile Farm Shop

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Our service was a WA ‘farm to plate’ delivery service, and we thank everyone who ordered from us meat organically produced in WA.


We commend organic farming and produce for our health - chemical toxins in our food gets in our bodies - and for our climate, because allowing life to live in our soil creates a deep rich soil that stores carbon. 


To learn more about our deliveries, our farms and their practices follow these links below:


We offer convenience to the
conscious consumer:


Kitchen friendly portion sizes


Simple online ordering


Contact us online or by phone


Delivered to your home


Deliveries 4 days per week inc. evenings and Saturday


Thermal packaging keeps it cool if you’re not home

Quick delivery

Tue - Sat Perth Metro

Next Day

3 hour windows 

Not home? Your produce stays cool with insulated cartons. 

Certified organic

Certification gives you assurance that organic means what it says.

Support of local farmers

Organic is hard work.

We shorten the food chain and our farmers cultivate land and soil close to our homes.

Sustainable farming practices

Healthy food from an ecosystem where nature is allowed to flourish.